Saturday, February 16, 2008

Exams and Holidays

So picking up where I last left off (quite a while ago). I got through the exams okay although I found it really difficult to concentrate on studying for them. I think I was just so tired by the end of term. They all went fine though and then we capped off the term with a fantastic christmas party (see the link at right to the web album). We've got a really good MBA band this year and they had everyone up and dancing for a large part of the evening. The next morning everyone started leaving campus for the two week christmas holiday.

Since both my sister and I are in England, my parents decided to come and visit us over Christmas. We spent Christmas week in a picturesque cottage near Burford in the Cotswalds. It was like something out a Jane Austen novel, especially the carols service in the village hall! My New Zealand friends Adrian and Amanda and their one year old daughter Talia joined us for Christmas and we spent a lovely couple of days eating, chatting and walking around the area.

The rest of the week was pretty lazy. I really needed to just sit still for a few days and take advantage of the nice bath tub! The most taxing thing we did was visit the local pub and take a day trip to Bath. The highlight of the day for me was watching my sister's partner being used as a street performer's sidekick (there are more photos in the Christmas week web album). At the end of the week the rest of my family flew off to Spain and Morocco for 10 days while I headed for a few days at my friend Helen's at Shrewsberry in the mid-west over New years before coming back to Cranfield.

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bravefish said...

So what happens when you finish the "Cranfield Year" are you going to start a new blog or keep using this one - although the title may become redundant????